Itching to make wine

I was at my cousine, and were just hanging out when she mentioned that she had made some honey wine or mead. as well as some cider.  Both of which I enjoy. Her husband brews beer, and the three of us started talking about what it would take to make wine & bottle it.  I could not believe how easy the wine making process was.  For mead its basically, mix honey and water add yeast and wait.  Sounded like it was an easy way to get some cheap wine  and I could bottle my homemade wine in anything I wanted.

If you know me you know I not only have an obsessive personality you know I’m a bit crazy. Making my own mead was all I could think about.  We would get talking about some thing else and a question about making wine would pop into my head and I would redirect the conversation. Fortunately from what I could tell my cousins husband was pretty passionate about making beer so he did not mind a little teaching.  He showed me every thing he used from the carboys to the thief.  He even had a corny or ball-lockkeg system and showed me that set up which was pretty sweet allowing him to have beer on tap as well as sparkling cider and wine. The hooks were in now, all i wanted to do was start making my first batch of wine.

I was set to hike the whole next week, that meant I would have a lot of time to think about making wine and bottling it. and thinking about making wine.  this is where my craziness shows its face. I had almost no knowledge about wine making and I wanted to try all sorts of different wines (I’m not going to list them here because it will make the posts better when I start making the crazy stuff) I will tell you that I really like cherries, no I love cherries.  so when I learned how easy wine making and botteling was I immediately thought “cherry mead!!”

My biggest concern in all this was where would I get my wine making bottles? I don not really like grape wine, so naturally I do not have a lot of wine bottles lying around.  I figured that you could buy wine making bottles for a hefty price but I really don’t like paying for something I could get for little for no money, and wine making bottles fell into that category.

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Products mentioned in this post:

5 Glass Carboy
5 Gallon Glass Carboy has lots of 5 Gallon Glass Carboys, they are nice for every thing from the primary fermenting to racking or even aging


5 Gallon Corney Keg

5 Gallon Corny Keg carries Ball-lock keg systems, they are not cheap I recommend starting with some used equipment and upgrading as you go. Here is a used system that is reasonable priced

5 Gallon Corney Keg
5 Gallon Corny Keg carries corny kegs, they add a nice touch to your home made beers as well as your sparkeliing wines and cidars. These corny kegs make botteling a snap they are really nice espically if you don’t want to deal with botteling.


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